Photography by Matthew Grob

Matthew Grob is multi-faceted, like a gemstone. If you hold him up to the light at a certain angle, you may be able to see your reflection. If you do, there will be six more weeks of winter.

Matthew is not a professional photographer, though he would be willing to play one on TV. He takes photographs of things he sees and likes.

Matt also writes som things which you can check out here or just scroll to the bottom of this page.

Matthew used to travel a lot for business. He was once telling his friend Meryl about an upcoming itinerary, and said, “I’m a regular globetrotter.” Meryl said, “No, you’re a Grobtrotter.” Hence, the name of this site. Of course, this story really only makes sense if you know that Matthew pronounces his last name as if it were spelled “Grobe.”

Matthew will continue to add images to this site, and invites you to come back and visit again.

Matthew does not usually refer to himself in the third person. He is also an ardent advocate of the Oxford comma.

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